Non-Animal Fibers

Veggie Rx

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Animal Fibers Galore

Protein Rx

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For Your Feet

Podiatry Rx

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Fun Yarns

Mental Health Rx

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Because You Are Worth It

Spa Luxury Rx

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 Are you suffering from Aches? Pains? The dread of not having enough yarn in your stash?

The Doctors at Yarn Rx have the cure for what ails you!

Yarn Rx will send you a monthly "prescription" bag of yarn to suit you. We have prescription packages to match your individual needs, no matter what "diet" you may follow.

  • Veggie Rx - For our patients who choose to stay away from animal fibers.
  • Protein Rx - Animal, vegetable, or're into it!
  • Pediatric Rx - For making baby things.
  • Podiatry Rx - For the sock lovers.
  • Mental Health Rx - Our bag of basic and fun yarn.
  • Spa Luxury Rx - Luxury yarns to bathe your psyche and heal your mind. Because you are worth it!

 Let the Yarn Doctors take care of you!!!

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